Research Areas

Our research efforts can be divided into three themes of interest:  College Access & Success; Equity & Diversity; and Innovation & Effectiveness.

College Access & Success

  • What methods and tools best impact college-going for underserved youth?
  • How can we improve college access and success for Los Angeles area students?
  • What student learning experiences help to improve student success?

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Equity & Diversity

  • How can we inform and advance working conditions for contingent faculty?
  • What methods and approaches lead to increased diversification of faculty and students in the STEM fields?
  • What do historically marginalized students want policymakers and administrators to consider when making decisions related to higher education?

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Innovation & Effectiveness

  • What educational practices will ensure that the United States remains competitive in the global economy?
  • How can innovation in organizational networks and high-impact educational practices lead to student success in the STEM fields?
  • Can game-based tools increase student engagement in learning about and progressing through college?

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