Mentor Highlights

In this section we want to highlight our mentors who are graduating and have been working with our students throughout the academic year. Congratulations and good luck on your future endeavors.

Daniel Almeida

I was born and raised in New Bedford, MA where I attended public schools and played the cello and trombone. In 1998, I entered Dartmouth College as a first-generation college freshman and was initially a pre-med student like so many others. After considering different majors in college I made the difficult decision to change my major to Psychology in my junior year. And, even though I wouldn’t become a doctor of medicine, I knew that I still wanted to become Dr. Almeida someday. Read more about his story here.

Christine Rocha

Being a first generation student, I am aware of the many obstacles one has to overcome in order to be college ready and achieve a higher education. “College” is a word that has a high value in my household, yet was not a reality. Most of my family did not graduate from high school due to teen pregnancy, drug and gang affiliations; and if they did graduate, they chose not to attain a higher education because of other responsibilities. As a result, I had to make “college” a reality on my own; having to look for the college access resources and maintain good grades was not easy. Being part of multiple outreach programs (e.g. I AM and SummerTIME) granted me with the help I needed to be college bound and attend my dream school: University of Southern California. Read more about her story here.

Domonique Brown

I am proud to call I AM apart of my USC experience. For me, giving back had to be apart of my USC experience, and I can honestly say I found the perfect vehicle! I am a first generation college student. I have always wanted to help other students navigate the college admissions and financial aid process. Read more about her story here.

Jovany Gaucin

My name is Jovany Gaucin, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA graduated from Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights. As a high school senior, I participated in the USC IAM program. My IAM mentor helped me navigate the college application process and always went above and beyond to make sure I was fully prepared for college. After graduation, I decided to attend St. John’s University in Minnesota on a full ride scholarship. Being a first-generation college student… Read more about his story here.