Mentee Information

If you are a senior in an LAUSD high school, you may be eligible to participate in I AM. See below for our eligibility requirements.

Students from our following partner schools may apply:

  • Belmont
  • Downtown Magnets
  • Fremont
  • Manual Arts
  • Marshall
  • Roosevelt
  • Roybal
  • Santee Education Complex
  • West Adams Prep
  • Ambassador School of Global Leadership

Your mentor will be a graduate student or staff member from USC. We’ve helped many students get into the colleges they wanted to go to, we can help you too!

  • You MUST be a senior who will apply for admission to SELECTIVE 4-year colleges and universities such as UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, USC, Occidental, LMU, Stanford, and out of state selective colleges and universities.
  • You MUST have a 3.0 (CSU/UC) minimum GPA to participate.
  • You MUST be a senior who will be done with all A-G course requirements by the end of senior year (NO D’s or F’s on transcript).
  • You MUST be willing to meet with your USC mentor 1-2 times a month; you and your mentor will set convenient meeting times to cover the college and financial aid application process making the transition to college easier for you!
  • You MUST agree to respond when your mentor contacts you, including classroom summons, emails and phone calls.
  • There is no residency requirement to be in the mentoring program; you must simply agree to these requirements to apply and participate!

Applications are now closed. For more information, contact the Pullias Center for Higher Education at