William Tierney: A new body for USC, but not enough soul

William Tierney: A new body for USC, but not enough soul

This op-ed was originally published in University World News, Sep. 2, 2017.

The University of Southern California or USC recently opened a new campus – ‘USC Village’ – adjacent to the main campus in downtown Los Angeles. The three-year undertaking is the largest development in USC’s history, cost US$700 million, and is an interesting mix of a private-public partnership.

After negotiating with the city, the university demolished an underused shopping mall, built a US$16 million fire station and employed roughly a quarter of the construction workers from the neighbourhood. They also gave the city US$20 million for affordable housing. The Village is environmentally state-of-the-art and ultimately will create thousands of local jobs.

In addition to classrooms, dorms and a spiffy fitness centre, the Village also boasts a department store (Target), a grocery store (Trader Joe’s) and a panoply of trendy restaurants. All of the businesses and a community room are open to the local community.

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William Tierney is co-director of the Pullias Center.