History of Pullias

Earl V. Pullias was professor emeritus of higher education at the University of Southern California. He was a teacher, administrator, and consultant. A graduate of Cumberland University (Tennessee), he earned a Masters at the University of Chicago, and then a Ph.D. from Duke University. After initial work as a psychologist, he came to Pepperdine College as a professor, and shortly after, was appointed Dean of the faculty. In 1957, he came to the University of Southern California to establish the Department of Higher and Postsecondary Education.

Dr. Pullias was a prolific writer, with efforts directed towards the philosophical issues in higher learning. He published more than 100 research and theoretical articles and reviews. His book (with James D. Young) A Teacher is Many Things has been translated into nine languages and received international recognition. Other works include Towards Excellence in College Teaching (with Aileene Lockhart), A Search for Understanding, and his last work, A Common Sense Philosophy for Modern Man: A Search for Fundamentals.

The Pullias Lecture, dedicated to the memory of Earl V. Pullias, was arranged to bring a nationally recognized scholar to the campus who would augment department programs for the faculty and students. The publication and national dissemination of the lectureship presentations are intended to add to the ongoing academic dialogue on significant topics in higher and postsecondary education.