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SummerTIME Program

Our SummerTIME program (Tools, Information, Motivation, Education) serves low-income underrepresented college-bound students representing Los Angeles Unified high schools where over 90% of attendees are eligible for the federal school lunch program. Students who attend low-income urban schools are frequently unprepared for college. Most participants live in homes where English is a second language and are the first in their families to graduate high school and continue on to college. Based on previous years’ participants, approximately 65-75% of our students are Latino, 10-20% are African American, and 10-15% are Asian/Islander. Approximately 80% of the students attend colleges in California.

The Kayne Foundation, Ric & Suzanne Kayne launched the Kayne Scholars (KS) initiative with the primary goal to support first generation youth in California to advance their potential through college graduation and pivot into a sustainable, meaningful career in a STEM or business related field. The Kayne Foundation has chosen the Pullias Center’s SummerTIME program along with Scholar Match and America Needs You to provide student support and services to aid in student success through their college years and career launch.

Project Description

When students enter SummerTIME program, their reading and writing levels are low, their time management skills are weak, and their knowledge about what it takes to succeed in college is frequently non-existent. Our program impacts these realities; we understand the effects of poverty and inequality in these students’ lives and provide them with the critical tools needed for their transition to college life. The Pullias Center’s SummerTIME program has a proven track record pertaining to academic enrichment. The program focuses on improving writing levels and college knowledge of college-bound youth so that they are better prepared to navigate university life. The SummerTIME curriculum is an intensive program of college level writing, supplemented with information related to the transition to college. The objectives of the program are fourfold:

  • To increase students’ expository writing abilities
  • To improve students’ grammar and language capabilities
  • To increase students’ ability to revise and evaluate their own work
  • To provide students with resources and tools for transitioning from high school to college.

Tierney reflects on the Pullias Center’s decade of serving college-bound youth through its SummerTIME Program.

A summary of the findings from a decade of serving college-bound youth through the SummerTIME Program.